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Ready to get rid of Blackheads?



Why did I not purchase this years ago?!!?! I received it today, nice packaging awesome powerful machine! I already used it and can’t believe I wasted so much money in the past from buying blackhead removing strips and masks. It came with 5 different cups that have different functions! Love it thank you!

Ciggy H.

I never write reviews but this one really deserves it! I've tried every blackhead removal mask and tool out there with little success. But this thing is a game-changer! It clears all of more pores so easily!

Miranda S.

The amount of dirt and oil it gets out of your face is amazing! I have big pores on my nose. I get really bad blackheads. This blackhead remover has helped shrink my pores and get rid of stubborn blackheads. It comes with different heads but I liked the smallest one the best. Be careful to not keep the remover on one area of the face for more than two seconds. You should keep moving it around. I recommend opening your pores before using this product because it will be easier to remove blackheads.

Emelie E.